Jun 27, 2010


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Loneliness takes our hearts,

our souls and our stomachs.

Climbing into an

empty bed each night,

waking up beside ghosts.

Walking each empty street,

loneliness made me hungry.

I searched my fridge,

my cupboards,

there was nothing to eat.

I went to lunch with

friends, still hungry.

I attended a dinner party

for the entire neighborhood,

but i woke up in

that empty bed,

and i was still hungry.

I ate photographs, journals,

the paint off my walls.

I ate the blue sky,

i feasted on books of poetry,

short stories, fantasy epics,

still hungry.

I tried to eat a spell

but i choked on the flame,

so i took a bite

of the universe,

but it sat in my

stomach like a parasite,

devouring every piece

of desire and

chocolate i consumed.

I started slurping

down songs, sad songs,

dance songs, folk,

reggae, techno, pop,

classical, rap, jazz, metal,

blues, punk songs.

Songs from my friends,

songs from strangers,

i ate at least 4 gigs,

still hungry.

For a snack i

went for a walk,

i waited for the night,

took big bites

of the moon,

swallowed stars

one by one,

fell asleep eating

every bizarre dream.

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  1. Very imaginative. I like the analogy between loneliness and this endless, insatiable hunger.

  2. The endless insatiable hunger - isn't this always wanting more? If we can be happy with what we have, the pain of that hunger goes away.

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