Apr 12, 2009

Organized Religion

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Organized religion is

perpetrated by those

who feel the need to

run the lives of others,

and compounded by those

who feel the need

to have their lives run

by others.

Those who merely

wish to live their lives

are constantly told they

are sinners and

ignore the truths of

their fathers.

The nature of truth is alive,

and so is ever changing.

Some truths are static

and do not change:

Love, Life, Joy, all these

and many others are

Pure and so

Define God.

Anything else,

defines mankind's fear.

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  1. Dave! Very interesting poem! The laws of the universe are the same for all of us but we must each find our own path to the truth. We're all on our own journey -- you're hanging with the wrong crowd if they tell you are just a sinner! LOL Life is waaaaaaaaaaay too complex to let someone have that kind of power over you. Just keep searching for your own way and you will be happy! [I think you are, though!] Great artwork, too! Thanks for your post! :)

  2. So true, thanks for sharing!


  3. wow. amazing. we had to repost that on our blog. hope yer okay with it backlink included of course. http://teelanovela.de/General peace

  4. this is so true very well written