Apr 3, 2009

Let Go

Any definition of God,

merely limits the Is.

In constantly attempting

to know the eternal,

from books or words

of other men,

we forget the eternal

light shining within us.

Every soul knows it's creator,

as it knows it is alive.

To know God's law

is a more simple

thing than many imagine.

It cannot be defined,

because words have limits,

the eternal does not.

It is the height of conceit

to think there is only one truth.

The only true person of God,

is the one who worships life,

as the only law.

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  1. I like this - very much!
    And I will read further.

    Great stuff - I like your mind/spirit.

  2. hollynoel says:
    excellent description of being spiritual:))

  3. WOW!!!!! This is your most powerful piece. I just LOVE this one. Just magnificent. Thank you SO much.