Oct 1, 2009

Magnetic Poetry

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A few years back, i moved into an apartment my friends owned. The first thing i noticed when i moved in, were all these magnets on the fridge. I have heard of magnetic poetry before, but never really used them. Every time i went to the fridge, i couldn't help but stand there and muse for awhile, while i arranged, and re-arranged the words into small snippets and poems. As time wore on, i added quite a collection. This fun activity really aided me in my writing, as i started writing my poetry around the same time. When i made a poem, i left it alone, and used the remaining words to make more, this being the challenge i set for myself. Eventually i used almost every word on that fridge. I hope you enjoy the results of my magnetic poetry :)

create harmony through music
give joy to her
capture balance

it is too dry
know when or waste
then there was water
i feel green

electric experiment from above
bold fiery song like a drug
psychedelic rhythm

sculpt chisel and weld junk
make use of paint
neo studio

form an impression of art
paint an original picture
soft canvas smear

absurd monument
metal and concrete
angry rigid sculpture

fashion model
mad aesthetic mess
empty nude silhouette

approach life and perform
investigate with more will
demand to observe

he is here
imagine his pain
see the best in him

they must come for us
hear my scream
suffer soon

dead icon
surreal angel
see every shimmer

ask why
be open
live young

try this out
you draw
write on

she like hard wood
stroke red instrument
never that old

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  1. I really always enjoyed magnetic poetry. There is a contest over at Shadow Poetry for this type of genre. It's always fun to try.

  2. A shame, the Stand isn't available at present.