Oct 26, 2009

The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon

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Growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah, and raised by Mormon parents, i grew up in the shadow of the Mormon church. Both sides of my family traveled across the country with the pioneers to live in the promised land. They were good, hardworking people, who had a strong faith in their church, and they worked hard to live by the "word". As i grew older and started to question the things around me, the church being one of them, is when i was met with resistance from my family and friends. The more i studied the Mormon faith, the more questions i had. My family and ancestors were taught to live and act a certain way, but being the inquisitive, questioning type of person that i am, i just needed more answers. Over the years, i have studied as much as possible, and i can honestly say, that what i was taught by the church, just does not make sense to me, and i can't by my right mind, believe the history of the church as it is written. I am not here to ridicule, or to make fun of the Mormon religion, i am here to simply find the truth.... I love my family deeply, and they believe strongly in their faith, and i respect them for that. I know, deep down they love me as well, but because of my differing opinions and beliefs, i have been shunned by many of my family members, so this matter is very personal to me. I came across this video, and it is one of the best i have seen on the subject....i hope you find it interesting and educating as well....

The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon

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  1. Dave, I really enjoyed your first post. I can see how you have struggled with issues surrounding your early religious experiences. I admire your courage is questioning what you do not feel comfortable with. We all have to come to our own conclusions.

  2. Thanks, Dave , for sharing this slice of your life. When I lived in Arizona I had one very close friend who was Mormon. We shared a love of nature and used to spend quiet nights in the desert, before a bonfire, eating and chatting together. Our religious beliefs never came up.

  3. With all the different religions existing today... religious belief does seem to pose many questions. This is a very interesting research you are undertaking though. And I agree that you need to find answers. You need to know the truth. I personally am christian and believe in the bible, but i do not know much about the Church or Book of Mormons to condemn it. I think this is a study I too will undertake.

    Hope you find the answers that you're looking for and I pray that what you find will be the truth. I'd be delighted to share my findings with you once I've done the research.

  4. I am "Mormon" and I have viewed your video. It was really cool to see some of the artifacts in the video clip. I have many rebuttals, none of which is going to convince anyone who is already set against the LDS faith. My faith is firm in the church and the Book of Mormon. My faith is not based on scientific evidence and it was never meant to be. If the church is not true, I will not have lost anything by being a member of it. If the church is true and I choose to not follow it, I will loose out on many promised blessings in this life and in the next. I believe that where will come a time when the truth will be obvious to all. I'm sorry you have had a bad experience with the church and have been shunned by some of your LDS family. This is not in harmony with the teachings of the LDS church.