Oct 29, 2009

Know Freedom

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Madmen in bizarre costumes

peek from behind corners,

and they know, they know.

Master plan searching me down.

Little machines that chase me around with

their preposterous little noise.

Giant men confront me with pomposity,

ridiculous because they are only little boys.

They are trying to catch me

and make me scream.

They laugh as they say they

want to shave me bald,

and put a weapon in my hand.

As they are chasing me, they scream out,

"this is the only way out now,

the end of your fleeing is here,

the end of your life is very near!"

Again, i awake from this awful dream,

to a very sunny day,

very few thin high clouds,

bird song, the buzzing of fat bees.

In these early waking hours,

i know freedom, feel it's peace

and love in my heart.

I know these fears are inside of me.

I tell myself to be strong,

remembering it's always love

that guides us to truth.

Reminding myself to manifest

these thoughts into the waking light,

leaving all thoughts

of seeming disparity,

to my dreams at night.

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  1. Wow Dave!! A power packed write. Your description allows the reading to feel and visualize your dream. Excellent work my friend:)

  2. Love and Peace will overcome!

  3. Dave, Your poetry is so strong and thought provoking. This one is particularly good. Thanks for sharing your inner-most feelings.

  4. Another wonderful piece from you! It is the eternal dilemma of learning to merge the waking and dreaming worlds into a place of Peace...