Oct 13, 2009

Angel Wind

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I saw an angel in my dreams,

riding on the wind.

Singing songs of hope and love,

she descended from the heavens.

I stood there a silent man,

admiring her awe and splendor.

At last she spoke to me,

in a voice so soft and tender.

"I am here to bring you dreams and light,

into the darkness of your night.

All your hopes and dreams will ring true,

you will be free at last.

Through all the struggles in your life,

you are learning the golden rule,

to live each day to its fullest,

and serve your fellow man".

I stood there a humbled man,

trying to grasp what she said,

when the winds began to blow.

With angelic wings spread,

she ascended to the heavens.

Here i am, alone again,

thinking of this dream,

reciting these words over

and over, to the angel wind-

Oh, i hear you breathe,

feel your life in me.

Oh, how i try to fly,

this is where i'm meant to be.

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  1. A surreal look and feel to this verse. Beautifully expressed.

  2. Wonderful inner vision that rings true, beautiful poem, my friend, well done!

  3. How wonderful to have an angel who whispers such profound truths in your ear.