Oct 5, 2009

Ghost Dreams

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When i was a boy, i remember

dreaming about ghosts

flying at dusk, with their dark

feathery whispers and moaning sounds,

that i could faintly hear at night.

In this dream i am in the desert after dark,

swarms of ghosts soaring above me,

obscuring the moon in gibbons phase.

I begin to hear witches howl,

so i climb to the top of a dune so i can see.

There are a dozen or so, in black hooded robes.

By torchlight they perform their

secret rites and sacrifices.

I scream as they come for me.

I am captured and taken to their circle,

and they torture me,

until i wake up screaming.....

Those fit full, sweat-soaked

dreams from my past,

have faded away over time.

Now when i lay my head down and dream,

sometimes there is a ghost who visits me.

It wanders empty halls at night,

and i feel it's melancholy and regret,

but there is no fright.

Why do you haunt me, i ask.

Are you here from nightmares past?

Are you here to protect me from those dreams,

or are you just another ghost in the night,

trying to scare me with your sight?

These questions i ask again and again....

still they remain unanswered.

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  1. Nightmares, dreams and sleep travel, all too mysterious and separate from reality - or are they. You've eloquently expressed in words this dilemma.

  2. Such good poetry, Dave...and so well-written. I have never had this type of nightmare, but can imagine it's very terrifying. My nightmares, if you can call them that, center around past scripts with individuals in my life that made me sad or uncomfortable.

  3. Maybe the answer to the unanswered questions is down to you.

    I usually have dark recurring dreams about basements. There's always something unbelievably evil there - ancient.