Dec 8, 2009

Odd Magic

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It was the pain that brought the magic,

i know it must sound queer.

It may even seem to be very tragic,

but there's no need to fear.

Then the magic brought the solitude,

solitude built the walls.

In a land where no one may intrude,

darkness never falls.

It was the magic that brought the storms,

blowing with gale force.

Flitting on the edge without form,

never felt remorse.

Loneliness brought on scathing clarity,

painful new insight.

Thoughts full of seeming disparity,

haunt my dreams at night.

Then the magic brought you to me,

i can feel it in my heart.

The loneliness and solitude i once felt,

is filled with loving light.

Through the trials and the tears,

you hold me near, and calm my fears.

Though we argue and we fight,

you still love me, and it's all right.

Now i know, now i see, the magic

made me who i am supposed to be.

So here's to you dear, and what we have.

I'll always be here until the last.

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  1. Beautiful poem, love the title and the imagery.

  2. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. I am a Self Growth expert as well and saw your blog listed. Intriguing!


    Dan Callahan

  3. The ebb and flow of this poem is excellent. A beautiful message and a hauntingly and stunning photo. I love this.

  4. it's the darkest side of the golden

  5. You paint a beautiful story with your words and the photograph leaves me speechless. Happy Holidys Dave.

    Best Regards,