Dec 21, 2009

Tossed Coins

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I walked by a homeless man today

sitting in the street.

He was covered in pain and despair,

as he asked me if i had change to spare.

I tossed some coins into his hat

and started to walk away,

when a feeling came over me,

and i decided to stay.

He said most people look away

as they shuffle down the street,

too busy to reach out to someone

who just wants to eat.

I said to this man,

if i have change to spare

then i always do,

because there but for

the grace of God,

go the likes of me and you.

So lets all think of our fellow man

this holiday season,

toss them a few coins,

and remember,

God put us all here,

for a reason.

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  1. We should never forget people who are suffering at this time of year. Lovely post Dave.

  2. I've worked in Chritmas shelter's for the homeless. Many of the volunteers were there because although they had a place to live, they lacked a 'home' or a family. Pangs of loneliness are sharpened by the cold and surrounding seasonal cheer.

    For anyone trying to stay clean, sober and out of debt, it's a trialling time.

    Thank you for your words.

    Merry christmas, Much Love,


  3. Merry Christmas to you. I wish you God's richest blessings

    Liquid & Tunsie