Dec 31, 2009

A New Leaf

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Another year has come and gone,

and a new one is upon us.

As time marches forward,

and we celebrate and ponder,

this mystery called life,

let us not forget the

impact that we have,

on this earth we live on,

and the people that surround us.

Though we all have our own path,

we all walk a common road.

We are all here on this earth,

to help each other out.

This is a simple lesson to learn,

but the hardest one to follow.

Greed and hate seem to have

taken over, and left only

loss and sorrow.

But a new dawn is upon us,

this you can be sure.

All the greed and pain can

be overcome,

if we all work together,

and help our fellow man.

There has always been peace

and light in this land,

but lately it's been hiding,

waiting for a new day to dawn,

and all God's people to follow.

So, lets all turn a new leaf

in this coming new year,

and all walk in peace and love,

and remember why we are here.

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  1. what a great poem to bring in the new year with!!! if we all work to bring peace and joy to our neighborhood then hopefully with god's will it will spread all the land!! thanks for all the great poems and blogs from 2009 and i hope 2010 wil be blessed as well!!!

  2. Beautiful poem and so full of love ! It's good to read these words on the first day of this new year ! God bless you

  3. Very well said:
    "This is a simple lesson to learn,
    but the hardest one to follow."
    How true! If all the people learn to follow it the world would be a much better and a beautiful place for all of us.
    Thanks for sharing such a lovely poem.
    Best wishes to you for the new year...May you get all that you wish for yourself!

  4. let's say less good words when our nature does not accept a lot of civilized stories; when we are still animal but sec by sec try to imagine we are not. I don't know why but I do like to imagine as well...
    happy new year!

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  6. Warm and lovely sentiments, Dave! Have a Happy New Year!

  7. A lovely sentiment. I also have a blog devoted to peace, poetry and inspiring quotes. I have found that the words of wisdom offered in poems reach the hearts of troubled souls more efficiently and deeply than with any other method.

    Best wishes for a happy and peaceful 2010.