Apr 13, 2010

Desert Loneliness

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Above the fleecy clouds,

the ethereal, translucent moonbeams,

softly bathes the desert scene.

The abode of desert silence,

softly bathed by the

ghostly desert winds,

as it sifts the ever shifting sand,

across the draws, and ghostly

bluffs of fairy tinted clay.

Out on the wavy, shimmering horizon,

the evening sun has set,

in all the grandest, gorgeous colors,

that the human eye has ever met.

And still the gorgeous spotlight

of a moon has not failed

to glorify the drapes of night.

Nature's fairy painters

sees new beauty still unveiled,

at each deep wash and knoll, and bluff.

And, as though all that is not enough,

to more enhance the deathless

silence of this desert land,

the bats hollow zooming,

and the eerie coyotes howls,

puts the finishing touches

on this glorious desert scene.

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  1. Your descriptive poem puts beautiful images in my mind. Thank you Sir!!

  2. I lived in Tucson for many years, and roaming the desert was my favorite activity. So thanks for this magnificent reminder of its many treasures.