Apr 30, 2010


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As i look across

the years gone by,

i count my wondrous

blessings by the score,

and wonder if i could

have helped out more,

doing as much for God

as he has done for me.

My heart is filled with

passing memories,

as i remember the joys

and sorrows of yesterday,

and wonder, if with God's help,

i can make sunshine come

to our lives again.

To my loved ones

and friends as well,

that all their thoughts

of God be all embracing,

like the summer

winds and rain,

and each moonlight

will light the way back to

their hearts again.

Though the steps i

take from here,

may be a bit slower

than in years gone by,

i pray i will see a

great deal more

of the good things

for all of us.

I certainly hope

we all have more

gratitude for all

God has done for us.

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  1. Amen to that Dave, a beautiful poem, full of faith.

  2. it's a wonderful thing, as one grows older, to count one's many blessings.