Apr 9, 2010

Tonight And Always

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Tonight let me hold

your hand my darling,

for the night is cold outside,

and bring you warmth

and comfort from our

own warm fireside.

While the wintry winds

are howling at our

frozen window pane,

let me hear you softly whisper

that you still love me,

as you cuddle in my

loving arms again.

As the heavy snow is falling,

in the darkness of the night,

let our thoughts be

filled with laughter,

and the shadows turn to light.

Let our dreams be

true and tender,

as they enter through life's door.

Let our hearts

remember our blessings,

that we should be

forever thankful for.

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  1. I especially like the last line. We are all to forgetful of the blessing we do have....as we concentrate on whatever is wrong in our life. Very inspirational poem.