Apr 21, 2010

Glorious Days Of Youth

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Those were the springtime

years of learning,

there, in the old

hollow by the creek.

You watched each spring

by her new blooms,

and the summer send her

sun warmed support.

Autumn colored the hillsides,

the glorious hues of fall.

You watched the lazy

leaves as they fell,

on the fantasy land

of youthful dreams.

The willows along the creek

became your castle halls,

the tall green grass

your ponies small,

the weeds your weapons tall.

The flowers were

your growing children,

the buds grew,

their petals opened full.

Some were weak,

and soon fell.

The strong ones survived

the summers blistering heat.

You welcomed all

natures children,

as you dreamed

your youthful halls.

You ate the delicious berries,

and chock cherries,

and drank of the cold,

invigorating spring water.

You even sang with the wind,

vowing someday to return

to your youthful dream world.

Yet, somehow you forgot

and left your land of dreams,

hungry for adventure,

wanting to taste the richness

of the worldly feast.

Those worldly activities

have all been lean years,

hoping you are ready

to return to your dream castle

and willows along the creek.

The flowers are

still blooming there,

the wind is still singing

it's song of youth.

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  1. As children, our world is so rich. We live in the world of detail, we notice so many things. As we grow older, our world becomes narrower, we start to generalize, to develop ideas. This shuts us off from that primary contact with wonder, which you so beautifully describe in your poem.

  2. A very inspiring piece, thanks for sharing.

  3. I like the picture greatly. Glorious Days of Youth caught my eye, and your verses knocked on the heart. Purity of your approach puts under a charm/makes your poem into a handbook. While reading you, my heavy musings on life have blossomed out with gratitude. Thank you.