Jan 22, 2010

City At Night

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Have you ever stopped to look around you

in the blinding glare of neon light,

when at last a city has been emptied

in the middle of the night?

Have you ever felt the death like stillness

as along the deserted streets you crept,

after all the noisy day time traffic

has finally homeward went?

As you tread the darkened pavement,

your steps have echoed far and near,

sounded like someone creeping up so close,

you were jolted with fear?

Have you ever felt how utterly lonely,

the shadows of the city night can be,

when no sign of another living

person can be seen?

Believe me, i would rather be in the

vast expanse of the desert,

or the confines of the everlasting hills,

then i would know for certain,

the quietness that really thrills.

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  1. Perfect words in the line of poetry.

  2. The quietness that really thrills. That is the essence of this poem and I feel this all the time.

  3. Yes, the quiet of the city is very different from the quiet of Nature.