Jan 12, 2010

Desert Dreams

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Will you be with me in my dreams sweetheart,

when my spirit will be ebbing low,

as the melancholy desert breezes

slowly past my doorway blow.

Bringing me smiles and laughter,

for the night in your loving

presence i'm held tight.

There will be fond enchantment

during this night.

Together we will watch as the stars

are hung upon the Heavens, one by one,

and help turn the switch for the beautiful,

bewitching night to come.

Then the comforts of this dreamy

desert night we face together,

and you'll tell me once again,

the old, old stories your heart has held

throughout each day.

For each one will help lighten my burden,

and turn my desert loneliness away.

Please come to me in my dreams,

my sweetheart, with a glorious dream or two,

they will greatly lighten my aching heart,

and i will be forever loving you.

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  1. Beautiful and tender poem, I love the imagery.

  2. I saw this blog from Entrecard,, voww..nice blog...

  3. beautiful and sentimental with some great stanzas, love the photo as well.

  4. Very heartfelt, Dave. You're a person of deep feeling.