Jan 16, 2010

Live For The Dream

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Many years ago,

a great man made a speech.

Standing tall and proud

in front of the world,

he said he had a dream.

He spoke of racial equality,

an end to segregation.

He spoke of not

judging a person

by the color of their skin,

but the content

of their character.

He spoke of justice

and righteousness,

civil rights for all mankind,

working together hand in hand

to make a greater nation.

He spoke of this dream

being filled with the difficulties

of today and tomorrow,

not to wallow in the

valley of despair,

but work to end all

the pain and sorrow.

He spoke of rising up

with heads held high,

remembering we are

all Gods children,

letting freedom ring throughout

every corner of this nation.

Though he has long since passed,

his dream rings true today,

in the hearts of all mankind

who want a better life.

So, lets all live for the dream,

and carry it into tomorrow,

then we all shall overcome.

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  1. What a great layout and your words prove true! Thanks for sending me this link.