Jan 10, 2010

Winter Memories

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When the snow

is softly falling

on the trees and

gardens now so bare,

i hear the ghosts

of memories calling

in the frigid winter air.

I look again at the big logs

merrily crackling in

the old fireplace,

cuddled down in the

soul caressing heat,

i shall fear no harm from

the frigid winter night.

Then, i'll grow

very lonesome,

for all the dear friends

i used to know.

Dreams of old memories

will arise all about me,

tears will fill my aging eyes,

i shall be thinking of us all.

So, when the snow

outside is softly falling,

and the icicles pallid

light reflects a glow,

all the gray haired

ghosts of memories,

will be sitting here with me,

until off to dreamland we all go.

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  1. Well-said, Dave. Winter can be a time to draw into oneself, for reflection and memories.