Jan 25, 2010

Long Ago

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Once, long ago, i watched the moon

along life's glorious golden shores,

and smiled and laughed, and sang for joy,

as i walked hand in hand with you.

Tonight i stand alone

beneath the same old stars,

and watch that same old moon,

with all the world about me,

cold, bare, and snow bound.

The winds of time moan for me and you.

The cold winter moon still

hangs in the same old skies,

the waves of memories keep pounding

on the now silvery shores of life.

Like life's fleeting moments

crashing bit by bit,

against my empty aching heart,

and slowly breaking it.

As i reach into my troubled mind

for more tender memories of old,

the snowy, cold night is engulfing me,

with fond memories of joys past.

Remembering that long ago,

i hung a dream

upon that same old moon.

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  1. I believe that this is the most beautiful piece I have ever read of yours.....

  2. That is a beautiful poem Dave, almost ethereal, it sweeps you away as you read it.

  3. Reminds me of Dante: "There is nothing sadder than in hard times to remember happy days."

  4. A poem of emotional longing...beautiful creation of yours!
    Ends on a positive and hopeful note when you write: "Remembering that long ago,
    I hung a dream
    upon that same old moon."

  5. What beautiful memories to have. Sometimes memories are put on hold for reality to come forth in a greater way. Never give up. Don't forget..