Feb 10, 2010

Coming Home

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The ageless sun,

in its ageless quest,

sweeps life forward

in its ageless jest.

Seeking eternally for

the gold of springtime,

and the hoped for thrills

of finding wealth

in the far off hills.

In the meantime,

missing the joys

 and the love,

and eternal bliss

of family life,

the fond embrace,

encouraging kiss.

Soon the lust

for gold is gone.

You no longer

care to roam,

but bask in the glow

of coming home,

to the peace and quiet

of a loving home.

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  1. A beautiful and wistful poem Dave, it's where we all long to be eventually.

  2. Aw, i love this, its kinda sad, but I like it a lot.

  3. It's a bit melancholy but in a beautiful way. There's nothing like coming home and you've captured that sentiment with this passionate verse.

  4. Dave-I think many of us come to this in the end. The temptations of the world grow tiresome and one longs for the peace and contentment of home and a simpler way of life.