Feb 27, 2010

Ode To Sweetheart

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Last night i dreamt about the

springtime of our lives,

with the skies a robin egg blue,

the trees just budding fresh and green,

the gorgeous flowers too.

We were fondly holding hands,

just you and me,

then the winter of our lives came.

But, when winter snows start melting,

the brooks come to life again,

and the air is clean and fresh,

in the countryside all around.

I hear the merry laughter, my love,

the same as i did then.

As our hearts once more embrace

in the fond memory,

i kiss your lips again.

It all seems so long ago, yet,

in a fond retrospective way.

I have the feeling,

sweetheart mine,

it all just happened yesterday.

All the sunshine and songbirds

may now be quite far apart,

but, oh dearest one,

the warmth of our new springtime

is already in our hearts.

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