Feb 12, 2010


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Tonight is ours to be had in full.

Full moon, full glass, full bowl.

Raw scent fills the air,

flowing out of beautiful bodies,

mingling with the sweet perfume

that permeates the room.

And oh the touch, touches, touching,

hands on faces, belly to belly, skin to skin.

When it's good like this baby, count me in.

Nerve endings spark,

elevating the temperature in the room.

A few degrees in the direction of the sun.

Mmmm, it's hot in here,

hot bodies,hot minds,

exchanging torrid ideas,

expanding in the heat.

The air is not so much flowing,

as it is caressing,

getting its own share of the action,

and can you blame it?

I don't see you going to bed,

sleep when we're old,

sleep when we're dead.

For tonight is ours to be had in full.

Full minds, full hearts, full bodies,

ripe and ready to be picked.

Savor sweet nectar,

mmm nectar, good word.

Another favorite, voluptuous,

which when i looked it up

in my webster's said,

full of or pertaining towards

sexual pleasure or

luxurious gratification.

Well, that sounds about right.

Voluptuous, roll it off your tongue,

and while your tongue is rolling,

purrrrrrrrrr, mmmmm.

I know just how a cat feels,

like it i'll be curled up tomorrow,

napping off the long hours of unrest.

Because, there is no way

i'm going down before the sun comes up.

My eyes meet the sunrise,

tantalizing in the amber light,

i know its been a wicked night.

When it fades into the mornings gentle gold,

making honey of the wet streets,

i am walking home, through the dawn.

Damn, last night was on fire,

my body still hot,

cooling slightly in the morning mist,

but my mind, is still sizzling.

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  1. Thath poem is sizzling Dave! I love the association with honey and nectar.

  2. The passion you describe here has a sweet innocence-free of shame and guilt. Pure in its joys and pleasures.

  3. Okay, I needed a cigarette after reading this and I don't smoke!

  4. The picture you chose really complements the poem. I can also hear this poem set to music. I could also feel your thoughts jumping from word to word, from association to association with a certain amount of creative and sensual playfulness.

  5. I can certainly relate! Beautiful.