Feb 22, 2010

Oh, To Be A Child Again

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From out of the drifting melodies

of childhood memories,

we hope to once more find,

the childish joys of paddling

through the Autumn rain,

listening to the glad refrain,

of being a laughing, playing, child again.

How impatiently we wait to grow up,

and act big, like grown ups do,

forgetting the ever enchanting

fragrant moments of

children's freedom from care.

As we grow older we look back fondly,

and remember how all too quickly

the childhood freedom left us

high and dry on life's rocky road.

Now we fondly wish we could once more gaze

into the crystal ball of yesteryears,

and recall back childhood's glorious freedom,

that now desserts our declining years.

The tumult of the chase of life

dies along the narrow,

twisting street of despair,

down which we trudge

with all of life's burden to bear.

Soon we'll be lifting the latch

to the other world,

remembering all the joys

of being a carefree,

laughing, playing, child again.

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  1. I think it's so vital to retain that childhood fervor throughout one's life and not let the burdens and responsibilities of adulthood weigh one down.

  2. My mother always said "don't wish your life away"...I'm only just beginning to realise what she was on about.

    However, I am happier now than I've ever been and I'm hopeful for my future!

    Very evocative imagery!