Feb 2, 2010

Growing Old

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Need one ever be told,

age is merely a quality of mind.

If hope has left you cold,

if you no longer look ahead,

if your ambitions fire is dead,

then you sure are growing old.

But, from your life you take the very best,

and, in life, you keep up the lively zest.

Love you still hold true,

no matter how the years fly by.

No matter how the birthdays do pile up,

you still are not too old,

to love and hold your mate to you.

Youth is not merely a time of life,

it too, is only a state of mind.

A zest of mind over matter.

Age is not just a matter of ripe red cheeks,

kissable red lips, and still supple knees.

Youth is a fiery temper of the will,

a quality of imagination,

a youthful vigor of personal emotions.

Youth is the freshness of deep springs of life.

Youth is the temper mental

predominance of courage.

Courage over timidity,

of the still fresh appetite for adventure.

Nobody, but nobody, grows old

by merely living a certain number of years.

People grow old only by

deserting their youthful zestful years.

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  1. My ninety year dad lost his zest for innovation and adventure only five years ago, along with his fading memory. He ran a growing business for over fifty years. At sometime the spirits will succumbs to the frailties of body.

  2. Even if our bodies start to fail us, it's still possible to greet each new day with gratitude and joy.

  3. This resonated. I'm young in spirit, but I must admit that over the past year or two, due to depression, I've gotten old. Lack of hope definitely "left me cold". I'm now trying to (re)new myself.