Mar 25, 2009

Death Dreams

At night, i have death dreams that come in

the early morning hours and wake me,

and will not let me go back to sleep again.

Sometimes i drown, but never in the sea,

in lakes or ponds, jail cell toilets,

but never in the sea.

Burned alive on a ship at sea,

but never drowned in it.

Also burned alive at the stake in a bed,

falling into a burning pit, boiled in oil.

Steam explosions turn flesh to liquid,

nuclear war and death from radiation.

The death dreams are never the same,

in fact every one is different.

Sometimes the tortures use burning

coals, iron maidens or put bolts and

spikes through all parts of me or

molten lead in my ears or mouth.

But no matter what, when the pain

is unbearable and i must die,

instead i wake and don't go back to sleep.

Car crashes are a quick awakening,

while suffocation from tuberculosis is slow,

ever so slow, those are the worst,

ones that the death comes ever so slowly.

Now i lay me down to weep,

i know the fear the dream will reap,

and when i die before i wake,

some day my soul the dream will take.

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  1. Boy that sounds scary. Very graphic. Do you think that perhaps you're dreaming other peoples' pains in a past life or your own?