Mar 25, 2009

Nite Mare

Ride the nite mare,

she gallops from dawn,

racing furiously to

beat the light.

Her hooves kiss the

earth with sparks,

iron on rock,

pyres burn behind her.

Twin, thin streams

of flame her breath,

nostrils betray

the fires of hell.

Coal black, demon

spawn, horse of Hades.

She reeks of

cold sweat, of fear.

In dreams she rides

and captures souls,

in her twisting

cyclonic wake.

Dwelling on those

dark thoughts,

anger, jealousy, hatred,

she feasts on animosity.

Bleed, for she feasts

on the blood,

the warm red flow

of your psyche.

Dream and fuel

the fires of hell,

pluck my eyeballs

from my head.

She drops into

the abyss, falling,

an eternity of gut

wrenching falling.

Falling to no

bottom until it must

tear me apart and wake,

only to wet sheets and

the confusion of where?

Screaming with madness

and kick away

from the dawn, she

runs, only to return

with her master, the night,

her only accomplice.

To make me dream,

and scream, and die

my nightly death alone.

Ride the nite mare

a round trip

trot, into the very

jaws of hell.

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