Mar 29, 2009

Dead Head

And if one day you wake

from the boredom of yourself,

and find it was a big mistake,

the blandness where you dwelt.

Then come with me, open up,

give yourself some freedom,

you have a chance now, run.

Now that you can see them,

hung up on the misery,

of what their life's become,

if you can see what i see,

you won't wonder why i run.

Sitting on their little piles,

wrapping themselves in fright,

afraid of even showing smiles,

frightened of the night.

If you awake and look all around you,

and you see how they take,

knew that it was not true.

The things they believe,

will make their lives happy,

and then they grieve,

for what they do not see.

So i dash quicker,

from their deadly disease,

or i may get the sickness,

that's conquered their dreams.

If you run with me,

away from their greed,

then, my friend you'll see,

what it means to be free.

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