Mar 25, 2009

We Haven't Met

In dreams, i know a thousand souls,

most of whom are strangers,

in real time, we haven't met,

and yet, i know you, interact with

the dream and you in multiple landscapes,

that are strange to me.

Perhaps it is unpleasant, this dream,

we share, but in it, i know you.

Friend and foe, lover or enemy,

in real time, we haven't met,

but dreaming, we weep together,

and sometimes fight or not.

Sometimes, the strangers are cruel,

yet, i know these leering, murderous faces,

as i know myself to be alive.

In the dream, the strangers burn me,

stone me, hang me, taunt me.

Sometimes, we are on stage,

the stranger and i, but it is the wrong play,

wrong lines, wrong costume,

everything is wrong, yet i know

just who you are and how we relate,

and yet......

in real time, we haven't met.

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  1. without a dreamworld where would we be??

  2. I love it!!! I feel the same way towards other souls...

  3. actually we are live in dream, everyone said get your dream come true. So .... what you are get for? DREAM!! :)