Mar 27, 2009


Do you see the fire, do you?
Burning white hot,
do you see the real truth,
or hide in lies.
Look inside for answers to
Who am i? Why am i here?
Where am i going to?
Look inside deeper and remember,
you know the answers as well as i,
have always known.
Accept and love yourself,
for who you are is unique.
You are here to learn love,
and there by be God.

You, i, we, are all going towards
a goal of peace, of joy, love,
and understanding.
These are my answers now,
the more truth i learn,
the more love i feel,
the closer i'm growing to me,
the stronger i become.
Tell yourself i can't, and you can't.
You are free.
You can do what you want to do.
Bodies have limits, souls do not.
No limit to you.
Where are you going?
Who are you?
Why are you here?
Watch the answers change.

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  1. Very nicely written. Keep it up!

    -Fresh Writing

  2. This is so real and the flow just pours from your heart. Beautiful.

  3. Wonderful, I like this one a lot...........