Mar 6, 2009

Mother Weeps

Outside, gunfire echo screams,

war consumes the earth,

and mother weeps acid tears.

Bombed out and deserted,

starvation rats gnawing victims.

Clutching a battered doll,

cowering in an orphans rags,

and mother weeps acid tears.

So, death, the lone victor,

he embraces mother earth.

Her children robbed her,

raped, forsaken, left barren.

Stench, misery, lying in her blood,

and mother weeps acid tears.

So march off to die for....

and the plague spreads,

with insect determination.

Kill one another dead,

bastard children of sorrow, pain,

and mother weeps acid tears.

Glorious hero steeped in blood,

bathe in flame grand one,

no home to go back to,

only more war, youth exterminator.

Go home to find your mother,

find she weeps acid tears.

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