Apr 25, 2009

Ghetto Blues

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The fever's running high,

in the city tonight,

anxiety on the rise.

Someone's gonna cry,

in the ghetto tonight,

for another ones demise.

You see, Joey's got a gun,

he's bent on using,

gotta see some action,

he's sick of losin'.

The pain is burning up,

in this town tonight,

something's gotta crack.

Mindless anger at a crux,

in the ghetto tonight.

Moods are evil, black.

You see, Angie's gotta run,

life she's been choosin',

from walkin' on the street,

her soul she's been losin'.

There is danger in the air,

in the city tonight.

A pity how we die,

but i wont shed a tear,

in the ghetto tonight,

just a heavy sigh.

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