Apr 16, 2009

Mystery School

A blind man, slowly learning sight,
moth like fluttering toward the light.
A child teetering on wobbly legs,
stumble but learning to walk anyway.
Wisdom is an elusive master,
try to catch it, it runs faster.
Yet, i'm on the mystery trail,
trying to peak behind the veil.
And though i attend the mystery school,
i often feel like one more fool.
My path is a long and twisted one,
i don't even know where it begun.
Where it ends is further away,
depending on how i choose today.
Try to live for peace and love,
heaven is here now, not above.
A deaf man who starts hearing sound,
at first perceives only the loud.
A babe still at its mother's breast,
and believes its taste to be the best.
But so many flavors to perceive,
reluctantly, we all must leave,
to taste the world. All her sorrow,
so we're wiser come tomorrow.
So much more to seek and know,
so i learn and where by grow.
I am the blind man, deaf man too,
but slowly i am finding truth.
Do you know what? Strength i see
in us all, because we are free.
So i search, always seeking more,
and i keep trying to open doors.

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  1. Dave, a very cool video and poem!! You always touch my heart AND make me think!! Keep it up!!

  2. Wonderful poem! I really enjoyed reading it. Every word seem 'just right'. :)

  3. I liked it, you have something called talent. You touched me

  4. I like this the most:

    "Strength i see
    in us all, because we are free.
    So i search, always seeking more,
    and i keep trying to open doors."

    Thanks for sharing!

    Brenda MacIntyre, Medicine Song Woman
    Native Singer | Healer | Artist
    Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/healingsinger

  5. The poem seemed very stream-of-conscious, which I really enjoyed and the video was almost psychedelic-like. It's great to see a writer who isn't afraid to stray from the norm.



  6. I love it !! I really love the video - makes it easier for me to share it with others, instead of my family watching me read it we can all watch the video together... and it gives us a peek at you ! wonderful

  7. It touched me. Thanks