Apr 5, 2009

Molecular Awareness

Sunshine flows through me,
and i float.
Invisible, imperceptible,
time swirls around me,
and i dream.
I am alive, electric.
Clouds engulf my sight,
and my mind.
Without yesterday,
i am free.
With no tomorrow's,
and i am.
Slowly, solidarity is back,
but time, it runs past
without me,
future without me,
and i am free.
Brighter to blinding,
sunshine reflects off me,
and i soar.
Country, city passing,
sea and shore.
Day to night i fly,
and orbit is mine.
Swifter, faster, spin,
a comet trip,
a tail of gold behind.
Wider, farther out,
and stars my brethren,
welcome home echoes
from them.
And it is so until....
and i am.
Here is time, the dream,
here to jail me in it's confines,
once upon a time.
I have been free and
i will be again.
To fly without flight,
the wind, whisper,
to caress the earth
with my passing.
My molecules to liquid
evaporate to air,
and floating.
Sunshine flows through me,
and i am atomic, dispersed,
more than fluid, more,
much more.
For i am, invisible,
transient substance.
For minutes are firsts,
hours are days are years,
to eternity, time, Stops,
and i am free.
For now has no tomorrow,
now has no past, now is,
and i am .NOW.
where i want to be,
sailing on strata,
swimming in cirrus.
Underground and
above the earth or
Talk about all the time
in the world.
I'm not in control,
if time rules me,
ignore it, it might go away,
but i am less than
mist of air.
I am invisible, gone,
and have no master.
For death, or birth,
a cycle of dreams,
release me from my
dungeon cell,
and i am free.
Free by losing all now.
I am unbound,
and i dissipate.
One with the cosmos,
one without time,
silly time.
It can only bind my
and my essence free,
and always,
so many ways to dream.

Creative Commons License
This work by mysticdave is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.


  1. Nice poem, amazing picture.

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  2. hollynoel
    nice awareness is what you make it

  3. Nice picture, Amazing poëm! You got a great connection with higher self :)

  4. our time actually no past, present and future. Human is trap in the earth by their mind, so every things is being concept in a condition. such the west and east, north and south,...etc.

    But if you go to the space ship, do you can tell me where is the west,east,north or south is?

    After we are living this mind trap(our body)
    do you ever learning meditation? if you have practice it in right way you can experience a shorting time. (30 minutes meditation time you will treat it as only 15 minutes)

    When you are more deep in meditation your time will be more shorter maybe 1 hour for 1 minutes and etc.....So time is only a condition too.