Mar 2, 2010

God Given Faith

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When the dark days of sorrow come,

and the clouds of doom grow gray,

all humans must brave them,

the very best they may.

The bravest is he,

when the dark shadows fall,

sees in the gloom of the darkest hall,

the true light of faith,

still brightly shining.

In those dark, lonely days,

when his heart shall really ache,

and he feels that soon

his courage shall surely break,

there is only one place to go

for the steely strength he needs.

He must bind with God given faith,

his every wound that bleeds,

clinging tighter to his faith

through all his sorrows.

A truely pitiful creature

he is sure to be,

if he hasn't strength

or faith enough to see,

the true light of God given faith

still shining strong.

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  1. Even in the most difficult times it's essential to keep one's faith in the goodness of life.

  2. whatever happens, there must be a hand-grip on God-given-faith..."Human life is meant for thoughtfulness" Very well said, Dave. Thumbs Up!