Mar 9, 2010

Alone With Your Dog

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Just to walk alone

with your faithful dog,

through the woods,

across the treacherous bog,

through the fields,

or along the beach,

your dog will surely teach

you natures way.

Let your knowledge of all the

creatures of the earth,

combine with your

dogs eternal curiosity,

will make each find a real discovery.

You will learn how

to sort out the maze

of tracks of all the little

creatures of the wild.

Their carefully well trained nose

knows each one,

and you are bound to have all kinds

of fun trying to track them down.

You should learn to romp and play

with your faithful dog more each day,

and learn the mysteries

of natures way.

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  1. I love watching dogs play ball or dash in and out of rivers...they look so excited and happy. Maybe I should do the same? :-)

  2. This is so light and such a wonderful poem. I do love it! I love my dogs! I also love to watch them run and play and we do lots of walking. Thank you for sharing this. It is priceless!

  3. I don't have a dog just now butI would love one again, you've captured the essence of it perfectly.

  4. Their innocence and unconditional love is what makes them so lovable.