Mar 28, 2010

Our Road Of Life

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The road of life ends quickly,

for others, it ends

up with a bang.

I hope the road we follow,

is as long as the

stars above our trail.

May the touch of the

gentle breeze help us along,

keeping us on the

straight and narrow,

shielding us from all wrong.

When we get old and tired,

let others take up the lead,

and sing the tune.

May our road end quietly,

even though, at best,

it will end all too soon.

Please give us strength

not to heed the beckoning

of the Heavenly

spirits in the sky.

May we turn a deaf ear

to their enticing songs,

that ride the

evening breezes by.

I'm going to stop

and rest a bit,

let the young take

the load from here.

For old age creeps

up silently,

and before we know it,

the end of the

road is here.

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This work by mysticdave is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.


  1. Dave,
    I just love the way your words dance across the page. I am able to capture the visions in my head.

  2. I agree with Chris, this is magical. I read your work and it takes me into my heart and soul until I forget I am in my office. Instead I am the magic that you weave. And it is beautiful!

  3. What a lovely piece. A bumpy, challenging, and interesting road it is.