Mar 21, 2010

Perhaps To Dream

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In our wanderings through our dreams,

do we ever look back and try

to improve our past mistakes?

Or, perhaps we dream of the

things we would like to do,

if we had the time or the guts to try.

Maybe we dream of some simple way

to free ourselves from the drudgery

of basic economic survival,

dreaming of amassing a fortune,

then worrying over the curse

of trying to beat taxes.

Perhaps to dream,

to conjure up a scheme,

to beat the other fellow

at his own game.

Perhaps we dream to outwit fate,

as millions do who haven't got

what it takes to try and try,

and stick to it until they die.

Regardless of these dreams,

if we would wake up

and slow down enough

to stop and consider

why we are on

this earth at all,

we would see that it is

God's grand scheme.

Remember, God's will,

not ours, will be done.

Perhaps then, we would

be satisfied to try and

benefit from our dreams

and past mistakes.

We could then go through life

helping others attain their goals,

helping them unfurl their

banners to the world.

Remember, life at its best

is but a dream of do or die,

trying to attain our highest

esteem of what the good

Lord wants us to be.

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  1. "Slow down enough to stop and consider why we are on this earth at all."