Mar 26, 2010

Fleeting Youth

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How sweetly fleeting

the days of carefree youth,

when youthful hearts

are seeking for the truth.

There are no shadows

in these days of youth,

like those that haunt

the twilight of life

in which grownups

live and die.

The promise of gentle,

innocent youth,

fly like the winds of the night,

or the brilliant lighted moon,

but soon take flight,

with the coming

of the morning sun.

There are no fears

or aftermath of angry clouds

in the tender words,

young hearts are bound.

Youthful days are

comforting to watch,

they settle one to rest,

and stir the fires of memories,

and do their very best

to make the world

a happier place to live.

How sweet the promises

of youth in the glorious

memories they leave behind.

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  1. Reminds me of Longfellow's My Lost Youth. Very well done.

  2. How sweet indeed! I understand this poem perfectly, another great write.

  3. Youth's faculty of forgetfuless is wonderful. It's something one needs to emulate as one grows older.

  4. Lovely poem. The delirious folly of youth, how sweet indeed.