Mar 7, 2010

Awake My Beloved

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Arise my beautiful one,

and come to my

land of mountains.

The winter is past,

glorious spring

has come at last.

The flowers appear

on the earth once again,

the time of the

pruning is at hand.

The song of the dove

is heard in our land.

Arise my beloved nature,

my beautiful one,

and come back

to me once more.

Once again is heard

the contented sounds

of the herd,

as it grazes on the

tender spring grass.

Once more is heard

the contented sighing

of this mountain land

awakening to the

call of spring.

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  1. Good stuff! Well done, Mystic Dave.

  2. "The winter is past,

    glorious spring has come at last."


    I'm awakening too. I have so much more energy in the spring

    perfectly timed poem.


  3. This is quite lovely and befitting! Certainly a welcome the Spring and the love of its slendor.!!! Stunning and enchanting. Thank you for sharing. TU

  4. Beautiful! Love your enthusiasm, your sense of wonder!