Mar 23, 2010

The Game Of Life

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All of us sit in a game called life,

but fate is the dealer there.

Very often, when our feelings of anger

run rife, we bellow "this game's unfair!"

But don't just toss in the towel

when everything seems dead wrong.

Only at times, lady luck seems to frown

as we lead our Ace, and it's called wrong,

by the other players there.

Right then is when we need to

keep on playing hard and long.

Remember, we haven't lost the game yet,

to some it only seems that way.

So, don't just throw in your cards

and finish the game right there,

but keep playing straight and strong.

Sometimes it catches us

when our funds are low,

and we feel ready to blow

the whole damn mess to the skies,

because care and worry comes in

and sits on us harder when we're down.

That's the time to jump up and

battle it out, for our turn will come, someday.

Just don't quit like some weak and

cowardly cuss, it's only a test

when lady luck starts dealing the cards.

We will never know how close we came

to winning that deal until

life rises up with a smile.

We're bound to win once in awhile.

At best, it's a mighty tough life,

and it's hard as hell to get by.

It takes real strong people

to play life's game today,

a coward can never survive.

So, stand up straight and strong,

throw your punches hard and long,

you're ahead as long as you're alive.

Someday your dreams are

bound to come true.

Make damn sure you don't quit,

whatever you do.

The main secret of life,

is not holding all the high cards,

but in knowing how to

play your poor hand well.

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  1. I agree. Play your cards right!!

  2. Another enjoyable poem, it does feel like a game at times.

  3. Reminds me of some U2 lyrics: "There's no failure here sweetheart, just when you quit", or something similar.

    Ahead as long as you're alive...I like it!