Mar 12, 2010

Spiritual Riches

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Many People measure their

earthly fortunes by mere,

tangible material gain.

They treasure their earthly dollars

as their successful weather vanes.

But, the riches i gather

and treasure most of all,

are the real, genuine pleasures,

i'm fortunate to find,

after i do a real kind deed,

for my fellow man.

For after all,

it's kind thoughts and deeds,

that really make this old world go.

Every single day of my earthly life,

my spiritual coffers grow,

each time i lend a

genuine helping hand,

to someone i may or may not know.

Then my spiritual riches i keep,

as memories i most treasure.

By the genuine pleasures i reap,

my earthly fortune is actually

measured by the

people i make happy,

not by the earthly dollars i keep.

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  1. So meaningful and true my friend. So very true! Straight from the heart.

  2. Spiritual riches are what it's all about at the end of the day. Another lovely poem Dave.

  3. Spiritual richness measured as never before...truth rings!

  4. spiritualality is just a word that describes a desire for acceptance because of massive internal emptiness because people cant accept that maby this thing we call life is all there is, its scary for people of religion or "spiritualality" to be comftorable with the self, you live you die how will your life be defined without your belifs.

  5. How true! Giving is wealth; hoarding is poverty.